about joni:

"Flowers are the very essence of love and beauty, flowers are the blossom of plants that grow and mature to a point that the full expression is the flower.... expressing life in their own way!" -Joni, owner & principal designer

Flowers evoke joy when people see them, romance when they are given, and passion when they are shared with others. Flowers are like people, when they have matured to a point that they are ready to be given, their very essence blooms...opening up, radiating beauty and joy to those around them, expressing in their own unique and wonderful way.

For me, flowers are tied to my deepest emotions and memories. It was a picture of a rose that encouraged my first words. Having been considered a late bloomer in vocalizing, a speech and language therapist had the foresight to present images with the hopes of stimulating a response. The story goes I saw a big picture of a white-fluffy kitten with green eyes...I kicked my feet; but the second image of a beautiful rose, I flipped over, began screaming and cooing while crawling towards the picture to eat it...and now you cannot shut me up!

Throughout my childhood, college days, and early career, I collected unusual vessels and materials and used them in unique ways. Rather than a lemonade stand at thirteen, I took the initiative to create a flower stand along the highway in Carmel, California. By the time I was sixteen, while on the jobsite with my dad at a beautiful Victorian home, the estate owner offered me the opportunity to oversee 10,000 of their rose bushes. I immediately memorized their names and learned everything there is to know about roses. (My dad wasn't too happy, he lost his best worker!)

Celebrations occurred regularly within my family's home, allowing me the opportunity to decorate and make all the floral arrangements. My parents who are artists in their own right, and my aunt, a renowned artist working in the mediums of watercolor, oil, sculpture, ink, paper, wood, and jewelry, recognized my talent and encouraged me to pursue my artistic expression. I found that I love pottery, basket weaving, and metal; yet everything I made was in a flower motif!

Following college, newly married and in my early twenties, I began dabbling in floral design for weddings. But after one wedding fair, my career flourished from 5 to 6 weddings, to 50 to 60 weddings and I've never looked back.

Through my floral passion, I've been blessed to raise money for charity, comfort the bereaved, celebrate the blossoming of new life, create magic for a proposal of marriage, reward the long lives well lived, yet my favorite by far, is the wedding....a wedding is both an arrival and a departure of two people, of two flowers that have bloomed just at the right time, and are ready to celebrate the adventure of life together!


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